INR 5100



Reiki Crystal Grid is a miraculous system to manifest anything for anybody in the universe. Reiki Crystal Grid can be used for multiple healing. It can also be used to manifest your or somebody else's desire. In this box power of crystals, pyramids and Reiki energy work together to heal or manifest anything. Because of the quality of crystals, it continuously vibrates the thoughts and emotions it receives through the technique of Crystal Grid healing which is taught in Reiki Level 3A. It is a system where universe and energies are working 24x7. This is only possible through the hidden technique of a crystal grid. In this system you can heal 100 people with different problems and manifest their desires. You heal once and it repeats the process continuously for 24 hours resulting in faster healing and manifestations. Many of my students have experience miraculous healing and greater manifestations with this Reiki Crystal Grid Healing. You will also get the full manual on how to install, charge and heal for maximum benefits.

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