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TESTIMONIALS Reiki Heals Chronic Back Pain in one week healing In the month of August 2009, I received a SMS from my cousin sister Mrs Devi Sharma from Namchi (Sikkim) on the eve of Rakhi. It had been years that I had any news from her since I have been out of Sikkim since many years now. I called her up and she said that she was bed ridden for the last one month because of her back pain. I assured her that on an auspicious day of Rakhi, I would like to give her a gift of good health and she will be recovered from this sickness in a couple of days. I started giving her healing distantly and on third day of my treatment when I called her up and asked about her back ache, she said that she was working in the kitchen. When I asked her about the pain, she replied that the pain had subsided and she could able to walk a little otherwise for the last month she was not able to even move from her bed. I continued her treatment and after one week I called her up and she said that she was going to her office and she was almost fine. That day onwards she has not got any problem as such and till now her back is perfectly alright. Mrs Devi Sharma, Namchi(Sikkim) Throat Cancer Healed in one month My sister Mrs Madhu Moktan had grown tumour in her throat which used to pain severely and her throat had swollen. Doctors at Base Hospital, Bagdogra had recommended her to get her throat operated in one month. They also warned her that she might get breathing problem because of the swelling of her throat. I started giving her emergency healing (Distance Healing) and in one weeks time she got relieved from pain and swelling subsided. In one month of regular healing the swelling of her throat vanished and the pain was also gone. Subsequently, she got her throat checked once again at Base Hospital and this time doctors had an opinion that she didn’t need operation and her throat had recovered totally. From that time till now she has got no problem of that kind in her throat. Reiki can heal anything. Thank you Reiki. Mrs Madhu Moktan, Kalimpong (WB)- 9832553867
  • 2015-05-31T13:36:01

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