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Reiki Bless You Foundation now gives online training on Reiki and Mind Power. The name of the course is "Reiki & Mind Power Course" which is a 30 days Home Based Home Study Course. After enrolling for the course you will be given the "Attunement" which is an initiation into the Self Healing System. This initiation will connect you with inner self and in turn connect your inner self with your higher self and when these two work with your pure intention and perseverance the healing starts taking place. When you fill up yourself with the divine energy and when it starts outflowing then you start helping other people in the society healing their problems whether it is a physical level, mental, emotional or any situational problems. You will be able to heal all of them with your newly acquired ability of healing. When you learn this art of healing from us Here are the list of Benefits which you get when go through our World Class One Month Reiki and Mind Power Course: 1. Higher level of positive energy. 2. Cheerful personality. 3. Higher level of confidence. 4. Free from dependency on doctors, pundits and fate. 5. Capability to heal yourself regardless of any disease or problem. 6. Capability to heal others with touch of your hands. 7. Capability to transfer positive thoughts and energy to anybody in the world which is called Distance Healing/ Absent Healing / Telepathic Healing. 8. A new perspective to look at the world. 9. Only 12 minutes Reiki Practice to achieve all of the above. Ability to give away something in energy form with positive result on the recipient. 10. A certificate of Advance Reiki Healer. Life time free membership. Free counseling from Dr Puran Sharma. Free updates on Reiki through write ups and Reiki Magazines. Personal connection with your mentor through whatsapp and Telegram. I am delighted and excited to tell you that at present Mr Shivayogi and Mrs Sujatha from Bengaluru and many more are undergoing my online course and doing it good. Dr Meena Chandrasekar, MBBS from Nilgiris, Tamilnadu and Mrs Smitha, B Tech from Chennai have recently concluded Online One month Reiki and Mind Power Course from Reiki Bless You Foundation. TWO LEVELS OF REIKI TAUGHT IN THIS PROGRAM 1st Degree (Reiki Healer Course) – Touch Therapy In this level your pair of hands becomes healing hands and you can heal yourself and other with the Touch of your Hand. 2nd Degree (Advance Reiki Healer) – Distance / Absence Healer In this level the student learns to give distance healing to anybody in the universe without being present with the client.
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