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Sushil Kumar Sharma

Reiki & Mind Power Course is Manifestation for well-being of all.

The Distance Reiki Course (Level-1 & II) given by Dr. Puran Sharma, is an academic and professional study for sure. In addition, holistically for me it is the Manifestation of Universal healing energy system for the welfare of all.

The manner, my Trainer, my Teacher and my Guide Dr Puran made me learn the techniques of ‘Universal Energy Healing’ (UEH); I am able to the tread the enlightened-path of real well-being of all living-beings and the Nature in day to day life.

His techniques are simple, innovative and takes only three days in distant healing, whereas for local subjects it takes between three to 10 days for getting positive results.

I humbly bestow all my affectionate love, respect, honour and regards to Dr. Puran Sharma and his team for their continual and consistent support during and after the course. I wish to continue my further studies of 'Level-III' with him only.

I pray to HIS ALMIGHTY & DIVINE POWERS to bless Dr. Puran with all success and glory in his career as a medical expert, healing practitioner, trainer, teacher, guide, researcher and innovator in Ayurveda and UEH systems.

Sushil Kr. Sharma,
Sr. Journalist, Shimla, HP, India

Dr Sabyasachi Sen, Homeopathy, Gangtok, Sikkim, India

"Master is sincere and took enough care in training Reiki, even as on date I am in constant touch with him for all my queries and inquisitions whenever appears. I get a positive and prompt responses. "

Reikimaster Smitha, Software Engineer, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

"I am extremely thankful and blessed to have taken up the Reiki course. It has been a wonderful journey throughout the course , experiencing and understanding the world of energy. It has helped me strengthen my physical body and coached me to rise emotionally and spiritually. Thanks to my Guru Dr.Puran Sharma for guiding and supporting me all the way. He has always been there to patiently answer and guide at every concern. Thank you Dr.Puran again and May Reiki bless you. "

Dr Meena Chandrasekar, MBBS, Nilgiris, Tamilnadu, India

"This is my second course to have learnt from Dr.Puran Sharma and I am truly blessed to do it.It was an amazing course and the attunement was just awesome.I experienced divine bliss during the
attunement.Dr.Puran Sharma is an excellent guru.His simplicity,humbleness and simple language made the course easier to understand and master the course.After the Karuna reiki attunement,love and compassion towards everything,living and non living has increased. My aura has become more positive.It has enhanced my healing powers and helped me in my allopathic practice. Most important change is it has removed the negativity in me and made me positive and forgiving to people against me.It has taught me to convert negative situations to positive situations by way of my perception.And it is here where the success of this course lies. I owe all this to my Guru Dr.Puran Sharma. Thank you Dr.Puran Sharma for being my guru in the real sense and making my life beautiful and making me add value to my services. A big thanks to UrbanPro for providing a platform for such wonderful courses by such wonderful teachers. "

Shivayogi, Software Engineer, Bangalore, India

"I would like to share few things with you. Year back I had been attenuated by a master in Bangalore at basic level 1 and 2 and they asked us to practice for 21 days. There afterwards no communication from them regarding progress and concern to address if any issues facing during our initial practice of Reiki. I did practice for few days and later stopped it as I was not getting proper guidance and motivation from Guru. After a year so I started facing turbulence in my life both in personal and professional life. I was feeling very low all the time and guilty for things that have happened in my life, cursing myself all the time, left alone and future was a big questioned for me how could I lead my life? I could able to gather courage and started to practice yoga, meditation and other stuff on my own to get rid of baggage with the help of OLD LADY ( as she was a healer that time as she has always have solutions for every other question. I came across Reiki again through Dr. N K Sharma videos in You-tube. Then I understood whatever information was given to us earlier on Reiki was very less and decided to explore hoping it could help. Then I found my online guru Dr. Puran Sharma. Level 1 &2: I could feel the energy flowing through my hands and intense pressure on my temples as I started practicing it daily. I felt very good, relaxed but still worry was there. Then I had shared him my personal problem and he guided me so well by making awareness of the universal law (that is highest good for all concern) as Reiki always gives us pure love and compassion in our life that makes us receptor of only good relationships and material things. It was hard for me accept things but it’s how law of nature works. So practicing Reiki I found enhancement in my life. Level 3: It was awesome experience for me when I felt immense amount of energy flowing through my body and he is guided me in unleashing the great power of my subconscious mind. I have started working on psychic surgery now and guidance is amazing. He loves to interact and whenever we interact with him will come to know new things. He encourages us to try new things which could enhance our healing power. I could find myself as a more positive person now. Dr. Puran Sharma is an amazing guru, great healer and motivator. Thank you for being my guru. "

Avinash Kumar , Executive Officer, Melbourne, Australia

"I learnt Reiki Level 1 and 2 from Reiki Bless You Foundation. The trainer Dr Puran Sharma is so good in his work that he makes sure that you learn to heal yourself and others in person as well as in distance. I am very satisfied from his teaching. He is the only master I found who teaches Reiki in one month and through out the course period he gives 100% guidance and clearfies all the questions asked by the student. I am satisfied with his teaching and recommend him for learning Reiki and Mind Power. "

Rajat, Teacher, New Delhi, India

"I liked the way Puran sir taught about Reiki step by step in very simple way. The technique were very user friendly and easy to learn for every one from any background with any qualification. "

Yogesh, Banker, Vienna, Austria

"I was keen to learn Reiki but due to time constriaint I thought of learning it through online course. I
contacted Reiki Bless You Foundation for the same and enrolled myself for the Reiki & Mind Power
Online Course. I got full support and guidance during one month course . After one month course I found myself changed in terms of behaviour and perspective of life. The course was very user friendly and continuous personal guidance from Dr Puran Sharma was very helpful . The course was very beneficial and result oriented. I am very happy with the course from Reiki Bless You Foundation. "

Kaushal Singh, Social Worker, Noida, India

"Dr. Puran Sharma is highly recommended and spiritual teacher for Reiki. He is master in his subject and participants in his classes are getting blessed. "


"I learnt Reiki level 1 and 2 from Reiki Best You Academy on 02 November 2014 and healed my anxiety with in one month practice of healing. The teaching of Dr Puran Sharma was so impressive that I enrolled myself for Reiki 3rd Level also. His teachings are so simple that a child can understand. The Reiki practice he teaches are very user friendly. I will recommend all to learn Reiki from him. "

V.S. Shivan, Astrologer, Dwarka, New Delhi

"Great trainer Dr. Puran Sharma and I believe Reiki has definitely changed my attitude towards life and other important things. "

Dr Meena Chandrasekar, MBBS, Tamilnadu, India

"Dr.Puran Sharma is an excellent teacher.I am very satisfied with his teaching.Because his course was in depth and had lot of practical techniques,which is useful to me.His language is so simple that even a child can grasp easily.The best quality in him is he never gets tired of answering queries.I gained a lot by his practical techniques.The end result of this course of one month was I became a more better person and more positive person.I improved personally and also professionally.It was an awesome experience to learn this course from an awesome Reikimaster Dr.Puran Sharma.May God bless.May Reiki bless.Many thanks to your website for making this learning possible through Dr.Puran Sharma.Many thanks for making my life beautiful. "

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