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Testimonial of Successful Goal Manifestation in only 3 Days of Practice. My experience with Reiki and Puran Sensei (sir). I was attuned to Reiki Level 2 from a Reiki Master in my hometown (Jabalpur, MP, India). But I was not taught much about Reiki. In the name of the Reiki course materials, only a bundle of papers was handed over to me by her. Somehow, I tried to understand and started practicing Reiki. But, due to lack of proper guidance and random information, I was not getting my desired result. I wanted to learn more and more about Reiki. In March 2015, I was very tensed because of some personal problem and was looking for the solution. And one thing that was clicking every time in my mind and that was Reiki, Reiki and only Reiki. I was searching for someone to teach me the real Reiki. In search of a real master, I googled and got the no of sensei Dr Puran sharma. I talked to him many times about how he could help me. I asked him to provide me only the materials of his Reiki Course as I was already attuned with Reiki Level 2 but he denied and said to take attunement all over again and start learning Reiki from the beginning. After considerable time of thinking, I agreed and started my journey of self realisation all over again with the Divine energy under sensei Dr Puran Sharma. I experienced so many wonderful things after that. It helped me to forget my anger, ego and so many negativities. It helped me a lot in my sports (Karate) also. The guidance of sensei Puran sharma is always there as he promised me. Recently, I did my Reiki Level 3A with sensei Dr Puran Sharma on 27th June 2015. This time, I learned many higher healing techniques especially Goal Manifestation technique. Now, I could feel Reiki flow more clearly and the power of my healing also enhanced. I have also observed my third eye activation. With the new ability to manifest and my third eye activation, I tried Goal Manifestation Technique and I am very happy to share that I was successful in it. The place in which I am working is 100 Kms from my home town and daily I had to travel 200kms by bus. For the past 3 years, I was trying for transfer to my hometown but because of some reasons it could not materialised but after trying the Goal Manifestation technique only 3 times I received my order of attachment to my hometown even though it is not transfer order but I am happy that I have been permanently attached to my hometown. Heartiest thanks to sensei Dr Puran sharma his Advance Reiki and Mind Course Course. Reiki is amazing. It can manifest anything. I am very satisfied with the course materials and the way Dr Puran Sharma teaches. Thank you very much. Mr Gaurav Shindhya is an International Karate Champion who lives in Jabalpur, MP, India and working for a Govt Agency. He is a keen learner and doing very good in Reiki and his life. He says that his life came into control after learning Reiki and Mind Power from Reiki Bless You Foundation. Come and learn the techniques of bringing your life from "Auto Pilot" mode to "Manual" mode from the comfort of your home. All the courses are available online also. Live the life to the fullest. For more details on our Reiki and Mind Power Courses please call us at +91-7042825286/ 8375823935 or email us at
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LEARN REIKI LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2 WITH BASIC MIND POWER TECHNIQUES A VERY PRACTICAL REIKI HEALING COURSE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDANCE BY REIKI GRAND MASTER DR PURAN SHARMA 30 days Reiki & Mind Power Course Program- Date - As per your convenience Time for Attunement- - 30 minutes Venue- Comfort of your Home Course Details- Reiki & Mind Power course It includes Reiki Level 1 & 2 which is taught after a distance attunement and practiced for next 30 days under the direct guidance of Dr Puran Sharma. This course is specially designed for the people who want to change their lives for good and take full control of it. After going through this course a student is able to heal himself / herself and others with touch of his /her hands or heal others without touching as well. In this course some Mind Power Techniques are included which have been designed and tested to change one's perspective of life. Student is given a Professional Certificate from the Institute only after the declaration by the student that they are satisfied with the course and the result therein. 24X7 guidance is given to each student for maximum benefits. MODULE 1 - 1. Reiki and its various applications in our day to day life. 2. AHWAH – Why you deserve abundance of health, wealth and happiness 3. Reiki – History and definition 4. 3 Secrets to achieve abundance of health, wealth and happiness. 5. Why you are not happy and successful 6. How will you transform your life with Reiki and Mind Power Technique? 7. What will happen when you practice Reiki & Mind Power regularly? 8. Aura – How to scan and clean your aura 9. Law of Karma 10. Principle of Water Crystal 11. Reiki 5 Principles and how it can change your life. 12. Self Healing – How to invoke, heal, stablise and stop Reiki. 13. Healing others. 14. Aura Cleaning and Aura Scanning 15. Healing chart and how to heal for different diseases. 16. Assignments MODULE 2 - 1. Law of Intention 2. Tantra – Mantra – Yantra 3. Science of Chakra 4. Law of Motion 5. Symbol # 1- Chokurei -How to draw and use Chokurei 6. How to charge water with Chokurei to empower it with great powers. 7. How to heal with CKR 8. How to clean you aura with CKR 9. Protection Shield with CKR Assignments MODULE 3 1. A story to understand how God has already given you everything you need, only thing is that you have to claim it. 2. Law of manifestation 3. Symbol # 2 - Shehekei (SHK)– Draw and use 4. Sandwitch Technique 5. Healing – Mind, Solar and Root chakras for balancing your life. 6. CKR+SHK+CKR – Mantra and its various uses to create "Magic" in your life. 7. Law of Atoms Assignments MODULE 4 – 1. How to change your perception? Change your perception, change your life. 2. Revision of previous weeks. Explain the examples of CKR+SHK+CKR. 3. Telepathy 4. Visualation - Importance 5. HSZSN – Draw and Use 6. Distance Healing – Explaining the whole sequence of distance healing. 7. Examples of Distance healing. 8. Frequently Asked Questions. 9. Myths clarifications 10. Students testimonials 11. How to launch your Reiki Practice professionally. Assignments After doing this course, you will be given some strategies and guided to create your own professional profile online so that you can start practicing Reiki Healing Business part time. Enrol now and start transforming your life. Thank you for trusting Reiki Bless You Foundation.
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