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Some of the Testimonials of my online students- 1. How the case of Breast Cancer was healed- Mrs Isabella Jones (Changed name) from New York had a major health issus when she contacted me last year. She had Breast Cancer and was going through Chemotherapy. She had all types of physical, mental and emotional problems. But with the grace of God, her strong will and the power of Reiki, she is perfectly alright now and recently she even rejoined her office after the gap of two years. In the month of December 2014, she contacting me to give her Distance Reiki Healing for physical, mental and mental distress because of her breast cancer. I started giving her healings and when reported to have working on her system well, I suggested her to go through my Online Reiki & Mind Power Course. She agreed and took Reiki Level 1 & 2 attunement on 18 January 2015. I am sharing with you her reviews of the Reiki Healing Course and it's impact on her physical, mental and emotional levels- "Look No Further. I had never tried Reiki before. so I was unsure of what to expect but I was in such a desperate situation in my life that I would have tried anything at least once. I was going through a major health issue to put it lightly - I needed all the help that I could get. Dr Puran Sharma not only helped me turn things around with his motivating and inspiring words but also helped me and with his distance healing sessions of Reiki. He not only shown me a new way of life but also taught me to heal my life as a whole. For this I will be grateful to him forever. He helped me when I needed it the most. During the period of the online Reiki course and beyond, he helped me out with all kinds of different challenges I faced in my life and was always spot on in his explanations what he thinks is going on.  I learnt Reiki Level 1 & 2 with him and when I was convinced that I could heal my problems myself, I decided to upgrade my healing capabilities and I enrolled for his very popular Reiki Master Healer Course (Reiki 3A). Now, I am not only self centred with my own problems but I have now started thinking giving this beautiful gift of Reiki energy to someone else also. Now, my perspective of life has changed for good. I feel very relaxed and energized after a session with him. In addition he is just such a kind and joyful person to speak with ......I had all the sessions with him over the phone, email and whatsapp. He is extremely patient in answering my questions, cleared all my doubts and guided me with the affirmations and healing techniques of all possible types. Reiki is a powerful tool that improve our ability to heal ourselves on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I congratulate him for his most user friendly and result oriented healing and mind power techniques which really worked for me to win over my breast cancer. Thank you very much. Reiki bless all". 2. Mrs Barsha Rai an Engineer (MTech) from Gangtok, Sikkim completed her Reiki & Mind Power Online Course with me on 20 July 2015. Appended below her review on my course - "My desire to learn Reiki started about 10 - 12 years back when my friend told me about Reiki during one of our conversations discussing spirituality. I was always fascinated by it but never had an opportunity to learn it. I was married for the last 5 years and had been trying to conceive but due to one reason or the other, I was having a hard time conceiving. I was guided to Dr. Puran Sharma via I couldn't consider myself luckier after learning that he is such an experienced and capable master whose ways are very simple and has excellent teaching methods. Even though I had distance attunement, nevertheless it was such a  real and emotional moment for me that it felt very close and real. Throughout the entire 30 days course, I had unique experiences each and every day.  There were times when I felt the vibrations of my each and every chakra and there were even times when my eyes would well up with tears while healing my heart chakra. Such is the beauty of this course that one can be prepared to experience  from nothing to everything. People started observing positive changes in me right after I started my course, beginning with my very own husband. Miraculously, I conceived on my 20th day of starting my Reiki and Mind Power Course. My whole world started getting filled with happiness and peace. Life couldn't be better and thats exactly how I felt. Regarding Master Puran Sharma, I would like to say that he is a person who is very supportive and is available to help you anytime. He is very inspiring and creates confidence in you in each and every step of your learning process. I would like to thank the Gods, my Guiding Angels and Universal life force for guiding me to him. I couldn't be more fortunate. I shall be looking forward to learn more from him whenever I get an opportunity  to do the further course. Last but not the least I would like to thank the great master himself, Dr. Puran Sharma for his guidance and teachings". 3. Dr Meena Chandrasekar, MBBS, Medical and admin officer of a big hospital who is practicing medicines for the last 22 years is my online student and now she has already become a Reiki Master with me. She has given the following review some time back. "This is my second course to have learnt from Dr. Puran Sharma and I am truly blessed to do it. It was an amazing course and the attunement was just awesome. I experienced divine bliss during the attunement. Dr. Puran Sharma is an excellent guru. His simplicity, humbleness and simple language made the course easier to understand and master the course. After the Karuna reiki attunement, love and compassion towards everything, living and non living has increased. My aura has become more positive. It has enhanced my healing powers and helped me in my allopathic practice. Most important change is it has removed the negativity in me and made me positive and forgiving to people against me. It has taught me to convert negative situations to positive situations by way of my perception. And it is here where the success of this course lies. I owe all this to my Guru Dr.Puran Sharma. Thank you Dr.Puran Sharma for being my guru in the real sense and making my life beautiful and making me add value to my services. " 4. The following are the views of Mrs Smitha from Chennai - Reiki has helped me with my cold cough and other ailments related to allergy. I feel more energetic and stay more balanced. I'm always thankful to has opened a new dimension in my life...Just wanted to share with all. I have not taken any pain killers or medicines after being attuned to Reiki.... Thanks to my Reiki Gurus and Almighty. .. There was a time when I had to take at least one medicine once a month. ..its 5 months now with Reiki...I didn't take one for my cold or allergies...I'm extremely grateful for that. ..I wish to continue this way of life...Reiki bless all 6. Dr Surender Nishchal (Age 60), Professional Psychologist practicing in Noida, is Reiki 2nd Level practitioner from Reiki Bless You Foundation and have been practicing Reiki for three months. Now, after practicing Reiki in person and experiencing the positive effects of distance Reiki, he decided to upgrade his healing capability and undergo the practical 30 days Reiki Master Healer Online Course (Reiki 3A) Training with Reiki Bless You Foundation. Here is his attunement experience- "Today, 29th July 2015, I am blessed with Distance Reiki Master Healer attunement by Dr. Puran Sharma. The Attunement started at 0650 in the evening. I sat on a chair and closed my eyes. I was listening the  OM music. First of all, I felt sensation in my third eye as someone is gently touching it. Then I felt sensation in my both palms. I felt energy entering in circular motion in my palms. This continued till last moment of the process. Along with my palms sensation, my body started swinging quite slowly in right and left direction. I can equate this feeling as I am traveling in a train. The swings speed sometimes accelerated and sometimes slowed down,   but it was all pleasurable. In the beginning when I closed my eyes only darkness prevailed but gradually the darkness began to lighten up to grayish with  patches of white cloud here and there. By the end,   I began to feel the white lights as someone has switched on lights in my room. I could sense white light shining before my eyes. During the session I could completely concentrate on the sound of Om, I was calm and no other thought interrupted my mental state. My body did not feel  any discomfort of sitting straight for more than 25 minutes , my breathing was quite normal. Just after the session, I talked to Dr Puran sharma and narrated all my experiences to him. Now I am feeling fresh and more energetic, happy and accomplished. Thanks to Dr Puran Sharma for gifting me the blessings of Reiki and lightening my path towards perfection. Thanks to new technology of distance attunement and special thanks to my wife for supporting me in my path of self realisation".
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LEARN REIKI LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2 WITH BASIC MIND POWER TECHNIQUES A VERY PRACTICAL REIKI HEALING COURSE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDANCE BY REIKI GRAND MASTER DR PURAN SHARMA 30 days Reiki & Mind Power Course Program- Date - As per your convenience Time for Attunement- - 30 minutes Venue- Comfort of your Home Course Details- Reiki & Mind Power course It includes Reiki Level 1 & 2 which is taught after a distance attunement and practiced for next 30 days under the direct guidance of Dr Puran Sharma. This course is specially designed for the people who want to change their lives for good and take full control of it. After going through this course a student is able to heal himself / herself and others with touch of his /her hands or heal others without touching as well. In this course some Mind Power Techniques are included which have been designed and tested to change one's perspective of life. Student is given a Professional Certificate from the Institute only after the declaration by the student that they are satisfied with the course and the result therein. 24X7 guidance is given to each student for maximum benefits. MODULE 1 - 1. Reiki and its various applications in our day to day life. 2. AHWAH – Why you deserve abundance of health, wealth and happiness 3. Reiki – History and definition 4. 3 Secrets to achieve abundance of health, wealth and happiness. 5. Why you are not happy and successful 6. How will you transform your life with Reiki and Mind Power Technique? 7. What will happen when you practice Reiki & Mind Power regularly? 8. Aura – How to scan and clean your aura 9. Law of Karma 10. Principle of Water Crystal 11. Reiki 5 Principles and how it can change your life. 12. Self Healing – How to invoke, heal, stablise and stop Reiki. 13. Healing others. 14. Aura Cleaning and Aura Scanning 15. Healing chart and how to heal for different diseases. 16. Assignments MODULE 2 - 1. Law of Intention 2. Tantra – Mantra – Yantra 3. Science of Chakra 4. Law of Motion 5. Symbol # 1- Chokurei -How to draw and use Chokurei 6. How to charge water with Chokurei to empower it with great powers. 7. How to heal with CKR 8. How to clean you aura with CKR 9. Protection Shield with CKR Assignments MODULE 3 1. A story to understand how God has already given you everything you need, only thing is that you have to claim it. 2. Law of manifestation 3. Symbol # 2 - Shehekei (SHK)– Draw and use 4. Sandwitch Technique 5. Healing – Mind, Solar and Root chakras for balancing your life. 6. CKR+SHK+CKR – Mantra and its various uses to create "Magic" in your life. 7. Law of Atoms Assignments MODULE 4 – 1. How to change your perception? Change your perception, change your life. 2. Revision of previous weeks. Explain the examples of CKR+SHK+CKR. 3. Telepathy 4. Visualation - Importance 5. HSZSN – Draw and Use 6. Distance Healing – Explaining the whole sequence of distance healing. 7. Examples of Distance healing. 8. Frequently Asked Questions. 9. Myths clarifications 10. Students testimonials 11. How to launch your Reiki Practice professionally. Assignments After doing this course, you will be given some strategies and guided to create your own professional profile online so that you can start practicing Reiki Healing Business part time. Enrol now and start transforming your life. Thank you for trusting Reiki Bless You Foundation.
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