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How to loose body weight with Reiki - By Dr Sabyasachi Sen. There are numerous methods available to lose body weight in different therapies, but the losing weight by Reiki way is unique. It is known that Reiki purely works on intentions and affirmations conjugated with pure Reiki symbols. The simplest method people follow is dieting, but it is to be noted that simple dieting does not work many times because of stress, lack of exercise, monotonous life style and acquired negativity. The negativity received from the above reasons accumulates fat in the body and then body mass grows exponentially. Here are some tips on Reiki and mind power which might help Reiki practitioners to lose wight - 1. Affirmations - Winning against craving to eat and thinking positive way is the first thing. It is your intent to reduce the weight and to avoid the starchy and fatty food. To maintain this, take a piece of paper and write the intention with the positive affirmation such as - “I am losing the weight on the best possible and healthiest way. It is possible for me to lose weight in appropriate pace for the highest good of myself and people around me. I do not accept any negativity of food or universe to deter me from this positive affirmation of losing weight” 2. Water - Charge water in a glass bottle with plenty of “Seheiki” symbol and with affirmations - "This water will dilute and wash out all my toxins and negativity; and clean and purify my body, mind and soul.". Always drink this Reiki charged water and no other water is to be taken during this course of self-healing. Keep as many bottles as needed for the day and always use fresh water every day. Discard any left over water of previous day. 3. Food - Flood your food with Reiki rays of CKR + SHK or only with DKM with affirmations - “This food will do the best to my health for the higher good of myself". 4. Start loving your body- At least for a day in the morning and in the night stand in front of a mirror, start looking at your each and every part of the body , their shape, their colours, their changes and affirm in your mind “My ---- (name of body part) I love you. You have been with me since my birth and I really care for you. You cannot go wrong when I wish you to be best of your health. You are the best healer of your own, heal yourself for the higher good of me and my soul”. Give healing to that part by placing your healing hands on that part of body. Give an auric shield to your body. Give self Reiki of CKR + SHK and DKM to your crown, third eye, heart chakra and solar plexus. 5. Yellow Cryatals - Some practitioners suggests using of yellow crystals such as citrine , tiger’s eye etc . You can heal yourself with these crystaks charging with CKR and DKM and placing them on solar plexus. Always keep solar plexus chakra well balanced and in good harmony. Solar plexus is the main chakra responsible for will power, digestive system and source of vital energy. Use the above healing technique and attract a perfect body. Happy healings. For more healing tips visit our website Or email us at Or call us at +91-7042825286 /8375823935
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LEARN REIKI LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2 WITH BASIC MIND POWER TECHNIQUES A VERY PRACTICAL REIKI HEALING COURSE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDANCE BY REIKI GRAND MASTER DR PURAN SHARMA 30 days Reiki & Mind Power Course Program- Date - As per your convenience Time for Attunement- - 30 minutes Venue- Comfort of your Home Course Details- Reiki & Mind Power course It includes Reiki Level 1 & 2 which is taught after a distance attunement and practiced for next 30 days under the direct guidance of Dr Puran Sharma. This course is specially designed for the people who want to change their lives for good and take full control of it. After going through this course a student is able to heal himself / herself and others with touch of his /her hands or heal others without touching as well. In this course some Mind Power Techniques are included which have been designed and tested to change one's perspective of life. Student is given a Professional Certificate from the Institute only after the declaration by the student that they are satisfied with the course and the result therein. 24X7 guidance is given to each student for maximum benefits. MODULE 1 - 1. Reiki and its various applications in our day to day life. 2. AHWAH – Why you deserve abundance of health, wealth and happiness 3. Reiki – History and definition 4. 3 Secrets to achieve abundance of health, wealth and happiness. 5. Why you are not happy and successful 6. How will you transform your life with Reiki and Mind Power Technique? 7. What will happen when you practice Reiki & Mind Power regularly? 8. Aura – How to scan and clean your aura 9. Law of Karma 10. Principle of Water Crystal 11. Reiki 5 Principles and how it can change your life. 12. Self Healing – How to invoke, heal, stablise and stop Reiki. 13. Healing others. 14. Aura Cleaning and Aura Scanning 15. Healing chart and how to heal for different diseases. 16. Assignments MODULE 2 - 1. Law of Intention 2. Tantra – Mantra – Yantra 3. Science of Chakra 4. Law of Motion 5. Symbol # 1- Chokurei -How to draw and use Chokurei 6. How to charge water with Chokurei to empower it with great powers. 7. How to heal with CKR 8. How to clean you aura with CKR 9. Protection Shield with CKR Assignments MODULE 3 1. A story to understand how God has already given you everything you need, only thing is that you have to claim it. 2. Law of manifestation 3. Symbol # 2 - Shehekei (SHK)– Draw and use 4. Sandwitch Technique 5. Healing – Mind, Solar and Root chakras for balancing your life. 6. CKR+SHK+CKR – Mantra and its various uses to create "Magic" in your life. 7. Law of Atoms Assignments MODULE 4 – 1. How to change your perception? Change your perception, change your life. 2. Revision of previous weeks. Explain the examples of CKR+SHK+CKR. 3. Telepathy 4. Visualation - Importance 5. HSZSN – Draw and Use 6. Distance Healing – Explaining the whole sequence of distance healing. 7. Examples of Distance healing. 8. Frequently Asked Questions. 9. Myths clarifications 10. Students testimonials 11. How to launch your Reiki Practice professionally. Assignments After doing this course, you will be given some strategies and guided to create your own professional profile online so that you can start practicing Reiki Healing Business part time. Enrol now and start transforming your life. Thank you for trusting Reiki Bless You Foundation.
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