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REIKI – AN ART OF HEALTH, WEALTH AND HAPPINESS Reiki is the alternative healing system in which we use our pair of hands and pure intention to heal our life as a whole. Reiki is a gentle energy but still it is so powerful that it can heal anything. Any body who wants to learn to heal can learn the art of healing through Reiki, Pronounced as 'Ray' and 'Kee', is an alternate healing system which works not only on physical level, but also on mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 'Rei' means universal and 'Ki' means life force energy. Same energy is called as Prana in India, Chi in China and Ki in Japan. The healing technique was originated in India by Lord Buddha in the form of various sutras. He was seen performing various types of healings on various occasions. But after that it was forgotten for thousands of years until Dr. Makao Usui from Japan re-discovered it at the end of 19th Century. Out of all the healing systems of the world, Reiki is one of those healing systems in which there is no medications, no exercises, no side effects and above all the client is not supposed to be present with the healers also. This is an energy healing system in which an energy of highest frequency is sent through the healer to the client (the receipant) and the healing starts to take place. This energy healing system is also very easy to learn and practice because the power to transfer the Reiki energy is not attained through rigorous meditation and practice but it is transferred from Teacher (Reiki Master) to the student in a ceremony called 'Attunement' (Diksha in hindi) and can be learned in a class usually lasting one day. The International Center for Reiki Training has estimated that there are 5, 000, 000 people throughout the world who have taken at least one level of Reiki training. There are five traditional levels of expertise - Reiki Level I, II, III, Master and Grand Master. REIKI has been used to treat everything, from minor ailments to chronic diseases. It draws out and eliminates stress, promotes relaxation and speeds up the healing process. REIKI has been successfully used, alone and in conjunction with, other healing methods such as allopathic, homeopathic, ayurveda, acupuncture, acupressure, massage therapy, etc. It has been successfully used by therapists and lay persons alike. Those persons already active in the healing field receive an amplification of their healing abilities. Reiki is a loving energy, an energy with a sense of love, warmth and security. It makes no difference who is doing the treating. The most important and unique thing about Reiki is that it not only heals anyone on physical level but also on mental, emotional and spiritual level as well because Reiki moves towards balancing the being as a whole: both individually and collectively. Through using Reiki, one learns to convert the life from "Auto Pilot Mode" to" Manual Mode". To know about the Miracles of Reiki, please visit
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LEARN REIKI LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2 WITH BASIC MIND POWER TECHNIQUES A VERY PRACTICAL REIKI HEALING COURSE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDANCE BY REIKI GRAND MASTER DR PURAN SHARMA 30 days Reiki & Mind Power Course Program- Date - As per your convenience Time for Attunement- - 30 minutes Venue- Comfort of your Home Course Details- Reiki & Mind Power course It includes Reiki Level 1 & 2 which is taught after a distance attunement and practiced for next 30 days under the direct guidance of Dr Puran Sharma. This course is specially designed for the people who want to change their lives for good and take full control of it. After going through this course a student is able to heal himself / herself and others with touch of his /her hands or heal others without touching as well. In this course some Mind Power Techniques are included which have been designed and tested to change one's perspective of life. Student is given a Professional Certificate from the Institute only after the declaration by the student that they are satisfied with the course and the result therein. 24X7 guidance is given to each student for maximum benefits. MODULE 1 - 1. Reiki and its various applications in our day to day life. 2. AHWAH – Why you deserve abundance of health, wealth and happiness 3. Reiki – History and definition 4. 3 Secrets to achieve abundance of health, wealth and happiness. 5. Why you are not happy and successful 6. How will you transform your life with Reiki and Mind Power Technique? 7. What will happen when you practice Reiki & Mind Power regularly? 8. Aura – How to scan and clean your aura 9. Law of Karma 10. Principle of Water Crystal 11. Reiki 5 Principles and how it can change your life. 12. Self Healing – How to invoke, heal, stablise and stop Reiki. 13. Healing others. 14. Aura Cleaning and Aura Scanning 15. Healing chart and how to heal for different diseases. 16. Assignments MODULE 2 - 1. Law of Intention 2. Tantra – Mantra – Yantra 3. Science of Chakra 4. Law of Motion 5. Symbol # 1- Chokurei -How to draw and use Chokurei 6. How to charge water with Chokurei to empower it with great powers. 7. How to heal with CKR 8. How to clean you aura with CKR 9. Protection Shield with CKR Assignments MODULE 3 1. A story to understand how God has already given you everything you need, only thing is that you have to claim it. 2. Law of manifestation 3. Symbol # 2 - Shehekei (SHK)– Draw and use 4. Sandwitch Technique 5. Healing – Mind, Solar and Root chakras for balancing your life. 6. CKR+SHK+CKR – Mantra and its various uses to create "Magic" in your life. 7. Law of Atoms Assignments MODULE 4 – 1. How to change your perception? Change your perception, change your life. 2. Revision of previous weeks. Explain the examples of CKR+SHK+CKR. 3. Telepathy 4. Visualation - Importance 5. HSZSN – Draw and Use 6. Distance Healing – Explaining the whole sequence of distance healing. 7. Examples of Distance healing. 8. Frequently Asked Questions. 9. Myths clarifications 10. Students testimonials 11. How to launch your Reiki Practice professionally. Assignments After doing this course, you will be given some strategies and guided to create your own professional profile online so that you can start practicing Reiki Healing Business part time. Enrol now and start transforming your life. Thank you for trusting Reiki Bless You Foundation.
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