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Amazing experience of Reiki Distance Attunement. I took distance attunement for reiki 2nd degree at 6 am on 13 July 2015 from Dr. Puran Sharma, Founder Director of Reiki Bless You Foundation. Initially I was confused that distance attunement will work or not. But when it started, I felt warmth at my root chakra. I could clearly feel the energy source or his hands on my crown chakra and forehead. I also felt tingling sensations at both of my ears. I was sitting with folded hands in prayer position. For few minutes my breath and heartbeats increased and felt some pressure at my heart chakra. And it automatically stopped after 2-3 minutes. I could also feel the energy flowing in from both the side of my forehead at one point of time. And a vibratory sensation in my joined hands. After the attunement process I felt my consciousness in the upper part of my body or mainly on my head. Though, I felt little heaviness on my head area but at the same time I felt more refreshed. I am really thankful to my master Dr. Puran Sharma for this divine experience this morning. I also charged my glass of water by the same process as I did with 1st degree without using symbols and surprisingly, I found that its energy increased from 2-3 inches to approximately a feet from first degree to second degree Reiki Attunement. I am very happy about it. It was an amazing experience. Thank you. Mr Mayank is a 20 years old young boy from Agra, India and had learnt Reiki level 1 earlier. Now, he took initiation of Reiki level 2 from me and will be undergoing a 30 days home based study course in which he will be taught and guided to do all the techniques of Touch Healing and Absent Healing together. He will also be taught to activate his mind powers. He is a keen learner and will be learning lot more from us. Reiki bless him. Learn all levels of Reiki online from Reiki Bless You Foundation. For most user friendly and result oriented online Reiki Courses please call Reiki Bless You Foundation at +91-7042825286/ 8375823935 or email us at
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