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A student Testimonia
A student Testimonial of my online course- I am extremely happy to share my feedback and experiences of reiki courses level 1-3. My past - I had achieved many things through my hard work and faith in universal power or God so miracles were already happening in my life. Then I got stucked into common health issues due to my negligence . I learnt Reiki level 1 and certainly reiki practice relaxed me. Again and again inspite of good readings and motivating myself , somehow surroundings was not too positive. Then I learnt up to Reiki Master level from Mumbai and started healing family members. Everything was working fine but qll of a sudden , I was surrounded by negative thoughts and somehow I caught disease, immunity related issues. I was feeling weak and fever issues. Family members started saying - " You are a healer and see your health" Then I thought and searched again and again where I was wrong. Reiki energy is for healing , Am I suffering from so called healing crisis ? So many questions, between belief and disbelief …………………….. Then I found Reiki Grand Master Dr Puran Sharma (CEO of Reiki Bless You Foundation) and repeated the course upto level 3 with him. Experiences with Reiki Bless you foundation – I got many answers during 30 Days Reiki & Mind Power Online Course with Dr Puran Sharma. Gratitude Exercise -One small thing but I feel happy for it ….. I used to write daily and be thankful for getting the public transport on time even sometimes late, for last 6 months because I had not even 5 things to write in list initially for first 5 days because we have a habit of taking everything for granted. Now after 6 months , I see that 90% of the time auto rikshaw is always available when I reach the auto stop. So I don’t wait even for 2 minutes these days. Now daily I have a list of 10-12 things to be grateful. So I am again back to my student life when I used to be always thankful and grateful to God and strong faith and I understood why so called miracles used to happen that time. So many experiences with daily life and with attunement but few incidents like -I had met accident, got viral fever but every time with healing the need to take medicines decreased. I didn’t use antibiotics nowaday. I feel that my immunity power has increased a lot. Now I have also started distant healing confidently without fear of receiving negative energies from the receipant. My crystal healing practice is also under progress…. Experiences, miracles come and go and it happens with Reiki practice or without knowing Reiki energy also but the important point is Reiki journey with you was a blissful experience. Every time I got full support, every question was answered and what else a student wants …Now I have regained my positives energies and I can say now that I am a happy grateful person. I am grateful to you Sir …….No words can express my thanks towards your support. I recommend others also to join Reiki Bless You Foundation for strong base in Reiki healing practice. Anuradha Dhyani(Reiki Master Healer Student) Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
  • 2018-09-24T05:21:34

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